• Thermal Conductivity: 12.5 W / mk
  • Thermal Resistance: 0.0032 K / W
  • Electrical conductivity: *0 pS / m
  • Viscosity: 120-170 pas
  • Density: 3.7g / cm3
  • Temperature: -250 ° C / +350 ° C
  • Content: 1g



The Kryonaut thermal paste was specially developed for the extremely demanding applications and the highest demands of the overlocking community. Kryonaut is also recommended as a top product for critical cooling systems in the industrial sector.

“Kryo” – the Greek word for “cold”, which is also used in cryotechnology – indicates that the Kryonaut thermal paste is specially designed for use in the low-temperature range – it was developed for the true “cryonauts” among the “extreme overclockers”.

Kryonaut uses a special support structure which does not begin to dry out even at 80 ° C. This support structure ensures that the nano-aluminum and zinc oxide components of the paste are optimally combined and unevenness in the heat transfer medium (e.g. the CPU) and a heat sink (e.g. heat sink) are optimally compensated for with excellent thermal conductivity.


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