FanTech MPR800s Firefly RGB Backlit Gaming XL Mouse Pad with 14 Spectrum Lighting Modes – 800x300x4MM

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  • RGB Soft Tube 4 Kinds of Light Effect Mode
  • 7 Colors Changing
  • Precision and Fine Fabric Surface
  • Control Precision, Fast Movement
  • Extended Version Area Length 80x Width 30 Cm
  • Non-Slip Rubber Bottom Clothing Table Does Not Slide
  • Flexible Cloth Storage Convenient
  • Micro USB Power Cord Connection

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Featuring All-round Illumination with four entirely different lighting spectrum modes and an extremely large surface area, which will not only provide you with the optimum comfort but will considerably improve your speed & control. Only premium and natural materials have been selected, ensuring that the mousepad can withstand heavy use and work flawlessly under extreme conditions. Its flexibility allows the user to conveniently carry it anywhere with ease and the 4mm pad thickness ensures a strong grip. Additionally, you will find in the package a 2M nylon-braided micro USB cable allowing you to start gaming in no time. This is no random gaming equipment. Fantech is a leading e-sport accessories manufacturer and has been providing innovative and premium quality products which are used by professional gamers at competitions or their own private set-ups.

Design – The large and sleek design of the MPR800 Firefly allows it to be synced up with other accessories to build a professional-looking workstation which will make your gameplay easier and more enjoyable.

RGB 4 Spectrum Mode – The new generation of gaming mouse pads have arrived. Featuring four entirely different RGB lighting modes, which complement your gaming experience visually with a wide ray of colors.

All-Round Illumination – Effectively illuminate your room with bright colors and 360-degree lighting.

Speed & Control – The premium cloth surface of the MPR800 grants the user great precision and grip while playing. Every movement of the mouse is translated into a cursor movement, allowing you to effectively play highly competitive games which require quick and pin-point movements.

Thickness – The MPR800 Firefly stands in the middle, between thick and thin mouse pad thicknesses. Generally, the thickness is a preference but overly thick mouse pads tend to stick out of the flat surface of a desk, thus getting in the way while playing while thin ones crease easily and allow for no cushioning at all.


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